Organizing celebrations with style & entertainment

Ask anyone whose friends and family consider a good host, but he or she would tell you that the best celebrations actually require a lot of hard work from the person who is hosting it.  When you organize a celebration for more than a handful of people from various different social spheres, it means a lot of individualized schmoozing, small talk, and knowing that you just can’t please everyone.  While not all your guests may wholly agree on what was the best choice in terms of venue or table cloth pattern style, that does not mean that people cannot come to a compromise in terms of entertainment choices.

When it comes to big parties and events such as weddings, graduations, or proms you probably will not be able to skimp on things such as decorations, venue, and food– lest getting scolded by that judgmental great aunt or coworker.  But one of the easiest parts to organize, especially if you are the creative type yourself, is the entertainment for the night.  If you are the host for the latest celebration coming up, the first thing you should inspect is the age ranges of the guests; having younger children attend can mean meltdowns later in the night, so make sure to provide cheap and easy activities like board games and cartoons.

You can also save money by hiring local musicians.  There are many younger solo and duo artists who can create their own background tracks with rhythm and bass lines; when it comes to dancing music, there is usually no need for a full band or expensive DJ. So don’t fret over the rising costs of event planning and stay tuned for updates.