Licensed Limos & Party Bus Drivers for your next Metro Detroit outing

We at Generator Limousine Rentals of St Alphonsus have some friends from everywhere around the world, but like to put a special focus on the new and upcoming developments in tourism and night life around the Metro Detroit area today.  Detroit, MI is currently attracting a lot of tourists and out-of-state students from all around the country who are drawn toward the motor city and its cheaper food, fun, and fare when compared to large-size already established metropolises such as New York City, Chicago, and more.  It is perhaps the continued push for fresh, urban garden ingredients and local attitude that creates most of the pull of attraction for visitors and new residents there.

Although Detroit is called the motor city, that does not mean those new to the area are not going to have a hard time figuring out the metro area’s roads and traffic laws.  Many non locals are usually taken aback quite a lot by how most of the established residents and generations often drive their cars and it can be very difficult to know your way around the roads under the cover of dark nightfall.  That’s why for your next outing, you should call up Limo Grosse Pointe – best limousine party bus rentals.

Grosse Pointe can provide you with the best licensed limo chauffeurs in the metro Detroit area.  From casino nights, to anniversaries, birthdays, bachelor parties and more you will need someone who won’t be fiddling around with a GPS system and wasting time that could be spent getting to the next destination.  For a premier choice in truly local drivers and metro Detroit culture, get in touch with our friends at the offices at Limo Grosse Pointe for a free quotation, and their staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have along the way.  Safe journeys! We also work with this company: small business

Organizing celebrations with style & entertainment

Ask anyone whose friends and family consider a good host, but he or she would tell you that the best celebrations actually require a lot of hard work from the person who is hosting it.  When you organize a celebration for more than a handful of people from various different social spheres, it means a lot of individualized schmoozing, small talk, and knowing that you just can’t please everyone.  While not all your guests may wholly agree on what was the best choice in terms of venue or table cloth pattern style, that does not mean that people cannot come to a compromise in terms of entertainment choices.

When it comes to big parties and events such as weddings, graduations, or proms you probably will not be able to skimp on things such as decorations, venue, and food– lest getting scolded by that judgmental great aunt or coworker.  But one of the easiest parts to organize, especially if you are the creative type yourself, is the entertainment for the night.  If you are the host for the latest celebration coming up, the first thing you should inspect is the age ranges of the guests; having younger children attend can mean meltdowns later in the night, so make sure to provide cheap and easy activities like board games and cartoons.

You can also save money by hiring local musicians.  There are many younger solo and duo artists who can create their own background tracks with rhythm and bass lines; when it comes to dancing music, there is usually no need for a full band or expensive DJ. So don’t fret over the rising costs of event planning and stay tuned for updates.


Michigan events & eats need affordable power generator rentals

The state of Michigan used to be known for many other things, contrary to what is bringing a lot of people out of state to its cities today:  food culture, fun festivals, and so many great venues for luxury events with style.  Especially in the metro Detroit area, more and more former residents of crazy expensive cities like New York City and Boston are making their way over for a chance to enjoy the fresh, cheap urban gardening and affordable prices.  In addition, their are always many food & drink festivals with entertaining games for many people who are into the recent rise of cooking interest in popular culture.

But when it comes to festivals, parties, picnics, and other events that are held in outdoor venues especially, you need to ask yourself a very important question first.  Where is all that electricity you need for things like electric-starting grills, cooking appliances, entertainment systems, speakers, and more– going to even come from?  There probably isn’t something someone has on hand that would be strong enough to power all the things you need for an event with several of your family members and friends.  The solution to this issue is by renting a portable power generator from

These handy units are really expensive if you choose to purchase one all for yourself, and so that is why most folks end up with a rental generator on their hands.  In some cases, they are not maintained well and the companies try to cut costs– it happened when those in leadership aren’t playing an active role in their generator business every single day.  Be careful when choosing a reliable rental business and stop by their office yourself to see the machines for yourself so you can get an idea of the quality.  Safe shopping!

Limousines & Reliable Chauffeurs Dossier

There are many different special events in our lives that could call for the luxury of a limousine service. Whether it be weddings, birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, prom, or anything else– as long as you want to make that moment unforgettable, then we at Generator Limousine Rentals of St Alphonsus will step up to the challenge.

When you hire our team’s services, you can leave those responsibilities and worries up to our professional licensed limo drivers.
Although the CEO of our proud local company at Generator Limousine Rentals of St Alphonsus still enjoys working out in the field, a lot of our success can be attributed to our commitment in building and maintaining the best work force possible. At the end of the day, the road can always be a dangerous place and so those in the field of transportation must be aware of all that is required of them in terms of safety, traffic laws, local roads, and how to troubleshoot any issues that could possibly arise on the job. That is why each member of our work family is carefully chosen for not just being licensed and insured, but also many other factors as well. Every customer is different and may expect different things of their limo driver, and so to bring the best to you in customer service we also make sure to choose a responsible transportation specialist who is a friendly and polite team player. We can guarantee you will have a smooth and fun time out on the town.